Gabba Namda

Gabba is a recycled byproduct. Old woolen blankets are up cycled into this crafty piece of art. These woolen blankets are washed, dyed and stitched together to form a base on which the embroidery is crafted. To increase the life of the blanket and to make it sturdier a waste cotton cloth was sewed on the back side of this blanket. After all this treatment the blanket gets engulfed by the crewel embroidery which is a form of embroidery using a woolen thread. Once the “Gabba” is ready it is generally used as a carpet and even as a mattress and bedcover to offer warm and cozy environments in this chilly cold of Kashmir. To commercialize “Gabba”, new blankets are used and a chain stitch is used to weave out beautiful floral and geometrical patterns.

Description about “Gabba” is not complete without an analogous piece of art called “Namda”. “Namda” is made after felting the wool. For namda the wool is not weaved. In some parts of Kashmir, the wool is mixed with cotton so as to obtain the white color fabric as well as a convenient fabric for needle to show magic. Generally the thread used is colorful and beautiful color contrasts are used to create artistic patterns and designs to give a shine, strength and color to the namda. The use of namda is same as that of a gabba. Other than being used as carpets and mattresses, Namda are also made in smaller sizes so as to be made useful as prayer rugs. Needle work used to create a namda is the famous “Aari” work of Kashmir which uses a hooked needle to make the embroidery. And in comparison to gabba, namdas are more famous in other states of India as well as internationally.All Kashmir houses, be it a rich man’s house or a poor ones, everyone has arrangements of sitting on the floor. They take care of their guests sitting down on the floor. And the floor gets agonizingly cold to sit upon during winters. And for saving all during winters and to provide all with a cozy sitting arrangement on the floor, namda and gabba would come to rescue.

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