Diploma in Computer Application (CABA MDTP)

One of the significant initiatives of the Council has been the transformation of Urdu Speaking Population into part of the employable Technological Workforce in the age of Technology and Computer. It not only provides job opportunity for Urdu speaking people but also increases computer literacy rate of the country. NCPUL launched a one-year course ‘Diploma in Computer Applications, Business Accounting, and Multilingual DTP’ across the country.

This CABA-MDTP one year Certificate course has been designed for transformation of Urdu speakers into productive human resources and making them part of the Employable Technological Work Force in the Emerging IT scenario and penetration of Computer Education to grass root level. The course contents have been enriched with

1. Programming Techniques
2. Developing Database Applications
3. Accounting Package
4. Web-Designing Tools
5. Course in Urdu and DTP Software:-

1. Introduction to Multimedia and its Applications
2. InPage
3. CorelDraw
4. Photoshop
5. Urdu & Hindi DTP

The Course in Accounting Package (tally), Urdu and DTP Software is also taught. CABA-MDTP course is a Modular Course, the course contents of CABA-MDTP include IT Tools and Applications, Internet & Web Designing , Introduction to ICT Resources, Programming and Problem Solving through 'C' Language in addition to Tally and Multilingual DTP. The contents have been designed keeping in view that there will be number of career options possible for an individual after successfully completing the course.

Examination Scheme

1. A test will be conducted the end of each module. The faculty of the centre will check the answer sheets.
2. The weight age of theory papers will be 10 marks each. It is necessary to obtain a minimum of 5 marks for each module.
3. A final examination will be conducted in each semester. Semester examinations of CABA-MDTP course will consist of Part A (objective) and part B (Subjective).The student must pass in both parts. Semester Examination will be conducted in December and June. Semester wise distribution of marks is as follows:

1st Semester
Examination Marks Remarks
Semester Exam 100
Modules Exam 30 3 Modules * 10 Marks Each
Total  130
2nd Semester
Examination Marks Remarks
Semester Exam 100
Modules Exam 30 3 Modules * 10 Marks Each
Practical 50 Practical -30,Viva -20
Project 40
Total 220

A student has to obtain minimum of 40% marks in each semester examination theory paper (IT Component) Urdu Software InPage, Practical examination & Urdu Diploma individually for qualifying the examination.

4. A test of Urdu software InPage of 20, marks shall also be conducted at the end of the 2nd semester in paper 2.

5. A test of 25 marks for Urdu diploma shall also be conducted at the end of the course. A student shall not be awarded the diploma unless he/she clears this test.

6. A final practical examination of 50 marks will be conducted at the end of the course.

7. Project prepared by the students shall be examined by the external examiner. This covers 40 marks.

8. Examination forms of only those students will be forwarded who have secured 40% marks or more in project and 50% in aggregate of modules test.

Final examination (1st and 11nd semester) consists of objective and subjective type questions. NIELIT Chandigarh will prepare the question paper for IT component under the guidance of controller of examination. The question papers will be sent to the NCPUL centre, Examiner in sealed envelopes and shall be opened under the supervision of centre in charge and examiner.

Award of Diploma

All successful students will be awarded "Certificate in Computer Applications. Business accounting and multilingual DTP at the end of the academic session jointly by NCPUL and NIELIT Chandigarh and Diploma in Urdu Language" by NCPUL.

Rules & Regulation

1. The students will observe strict discipline and decorum at the centre and in case of any indiscipline or misconduct; student will be liable to be expelled from the centre without any notice. No fee will be refunded in such cases.

2. Every student of the centre is required to attend classes regularly and punctually .Student will be required to put in minimum of 75% attendance in classes, failing which he may not be allowed to sit in the examination.

3. All course books will be supplied to the students free of charge in accordance with the syllabus. The books will be supplied from module to module at the beginning of each module.

4. Every student of the centre will be provided adequate hours on practical training on the computers in the computer labs of the centre in addition to theory classes.

5. Every student of the centre will be required to pass the examinations by securing at least 50% marks at the end of the modules and final examination before he is awarded certificate.

6. Monthly fee is payable in advance before 10th of every month and fee paid is not refundable. Fee shall be payable even for such period for which the student is absent/on leave from the centre.

7. The name of student shall be liable to be struck off from the rolls due to non payment of monthly fee on the due date.


Students admitted will be required to pay a monthly fee of Rs. 250/-pm (Rs.500/-PM in case of students studying in a class cities) Fees to be submitted at the time of admission : Rs 840/ per - student (prospectus & registration form Rs 10/ fee for diploma in urdu Rs 200/, Subscription to urdu duniya magazine Rs. 150/ examination fee Rs. 480/-)

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